I talk often on how to obscure your digital fingerprints but I have been looking over for the past 6 or so months on how to remove your physical fingerprints.

This is a series of studies I have done over the course of several months on the best removal method for your physical fingerprints. I will also be listing some alternative methods that work slightly less well but still an option pending on your personal situation. I would like to make a note that fingerprints go roughly 1mm down your layer of skin. So these methods all list ways to add or remove the thickness of your finger. The removal processes are ALL very painful and often not permanent.

A pair of thick latex gloves, change often, preferably daily or using a pair of washable well fitted cotton gloves. This is the most obvious physically as people can see you wearing them throughout your day and can be cumbersome. Also I would like to make note that most latex gloves do allow fingerprints to bleed through if press hard against a surface. If would be light and hard to make out under a typical powder brush but put under a microscope you can make out finer detail making your fingerprint ID possible.

A thick layer of cyanoacrylate or superglue. This is a fast and strong adhesive that creates a plastic like layer when exposed to air. A thick layer on your fingers can obscure or completely remove fingerprints. This use is common in forensics to actually lift fingerprints off of a surface but in our case should be suitable to remove your fingerprints. Though be warned this is only temporary and needs to be reapplied often, every hour or so, in thick amounts.

Burn them off. Using a hot iron can burn off the fingerprints and this works for about a month pending on the severity of the burns, so repeating often after healing can maintain this for quite some time. Note this is horrid and painful but if you are up for it, feel free.

Similar to three is to use Acid. Now most do not have access to more powerful acids to remove the top layers of the skin to remove your prints. However you can use Pineapple concentrate or burn off your prints using a prick soak scrub method. First you should prick your finger repeatedly with a small pin or needle over the entire tip. During the bleeding sink your finger into a cup or bowl of the pineapple juice for about 30 minutes for each finger, after scrubbing with fine sandpaper. This allows the acid to sink into the layers of the skin, weakening the layer of skin, the scrubbing then removes the prints. This process will need to be repeated every 2 weeks. This is honestly worse than the continual burning off with an Iron and the most intense in terms of healing.

Finally through all the pain and all of the torture I put myself through I found the best and overt way to remove fingerprints while maintaining dexterity. Band-aids or Duct tape. Yes the easiest answer I found that had the best results with the least amount of time in terms of application while maintaining obscurity in public is to apply flesh colored band-aids of duct tape. Due to the fibers in the taping or the cotton swab in the band-aids add thickness to your finger and regardless of pressing, I have found the print cannot press through.

So if you have a desire to remove your fingerprint, save yourself the pain and just apply some flesh duct tape or band aids. This is fast, obscure, and effective.

Stay Paranoid