This workout routine is a basic fitness exercise schedule. This is to help shed pounds and maintain general health. To begin, you want to start slow and progress to a full set, this is meant to be used as a 6 month routine, leading to a daily set. Following a 20/30/50 rule for the first 90 days, moving up from 20 to 30 to 50 etc, every 30 days.

  • Push-ups 20/30/50/50/70/100
  • Sit-ups 20/30/50/50/70/100
  • Squats 20/30/50/50/70/100
  • Run 2Km/3Km/5Km/5Km/7Km/10Km
  • From this point you should be able to maintain this routine going forward until results are met. You can alternatively do this cycle on a 10 day span instead of 30 days. Which would then be a 2 month routine.