In this post I will be responding to the evidence presented by Digdeeper's article where he makes some serious claims about the nature of a virus, virus economics, and the presentation of dictatorship. After chatting with him a bit when the article was still being developed I made a mention of a quote "When you say crazy things with little to no evidence, it makes everything you say after, no matter how correct, also seem crazy" I will have to put this quote to good use by presenting more direct evidence to counter some of his anecdotal or contrived parodies of evidence. I will also be asking my own questions and logistical reasoning to confront the vacuum example Dig has presented to us. To begin I will quote the article then issue by comments and evidence below with a # and continue onward as such. I am going to be overtly nit-picky and focus on very detail, so I apologize in advance for being a bit too aggressive in corrections. And all the while I would like to point out the issues of disproving a conspiracy such as this, due to issues of proving a negative and the burden of evidence but please for all those involved in reading, keep in mind Occam's Razor

"December 30, 2019. Li Wenliang, a doctor at the Wuhan Central Hospital, told his colleagues that 7 people were diagnosed with SARS infections that were traced back to the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market, and that precautions should be taken. A few days later, Li was "educated" by the police to "not spread rumors". In the end, he was proven right - patients were coming in with a "new type of coronary pneumonia" and one of them even infected him on January 12 (translation graciously provided by the Big G botnet):"Link

So he was on his way to health. His parents also got infected and fully recovered: However, he ended up dying (archive), even though he wasn't in the age group (34) that dies from corona Link

"And yet, his parents - aged over 60 - have been able to recover "without any problems". There's more suspicious things about this story. Take a look at Li's photo from Wikipedia: Link

#So lets go through this one step by step. Dr. Li Wenliang is a Chinese whistle-blower that addressed this potential issue of Covid-19 before the immediate outbreak. While doing so he also became infected. He was arrested by the Chinese police force on January-03 for "making false comments on the Internet" and he was infected on January-08 not January-12, his infection became publicly known as of January-10 when he checked into an intensive care unit and Dr. Li Wenliang was certainly silenced by authorities as he was forced to sign a letter of admonition. In the chart as followed Dig makes a point to say that Dr. Li Wenliang was not in the age demographic that dies from Covid-19 which now we know to be untrue, but even using the chart provided this is incorrect as it shows a .08% chance of Infection Fatality. To keep yourself updated on all known information since this issue to still developing. To further dive into his health. We now know that those infected with Covid-19 can feel better, with reduced fever, and mild symptoms but can have an aggressive spike in vitals due to further complications and while his parents were infected and well into the higher risk rates they were also checked in far earlier into the infection than Dr. Li Wenliang who was in a hotel room for days and only sought care when the infection advanced.

"Looks like a completely different guy. Face shape, hair and eyes seem to differ, but the biggest clue is the lack of moles on the first photo, which happen to exist in the second. This would not have been the first time the elites replaced someone - there's extremely strong evidence that they've done just that with Stephen Hawking. Also, why was Li reported as dead, and later revived (archive)? Clearly, the official story already stinks with fakery from a thousand miles - so let's dig deeper into this case: Link

#Alrighty then, this opens up a can of worms that cannot be shut. I have pointed this out previously to Dig not to make mention of the replacement theory because it is completely unfounded. The evidence provided is from a unverified source and even in the document most of the evidence is based on skepticism and not facts. But here we are. I am not going to address the Steven Hawking PDF here because of the issue of time. But if you would like to just read the insanity of Miles Mathis, whom has had a large and ongoing relationship to several conspiratorial fronts, feel free. Dig makes the point to mention the differences between the two photos to justify they are different people, which to Dig, they may seem different. But this is inconsequential and subjective. While we know that China has a vexing and intense hold on the media this does not stop the rumor mill and the spur of tabloid reporting, for a greater example lets look at Premature Obituaries as an example, so again we can subscribe to the idea that this is a complex series of events that allow China to Kill the Doctor, then replace him, then kill him again in a matter of days for no real reason besides that they could. Or He got sick and died and the social media events speculated his death days before his actual press release.

"October 18, 2019. A New York City hotel is holding a pandemic drill (archive) which is supposed to educate the world leaders on what to do if such a situation arised in real life. You can check out the full list of participants here (archive) - for now, just note that it contained people both from the USA and China. The highlight video of the event mentions stuff such as: Link Link

  • The virus could cause a worldwide pandemic if not quickly controlled
  • It spreads extremely fast
  • Can only be combatted through corpos and governments from different countries working together
  • Vaccine not likely to appear early enough to be useful
  • Countries banning travel, flights being cancelled
  • Economic collapse
  • Governments being at war with the virus
  • Social media platforms censoring "inaccurate" information
  • Loss of faith in government"
  • #So late in 2019 before the covid-19 outbreak there was a conference held about what to do during a pandemic. Dig want to see this as a clear indication that this was all planned, but Dig, organizations do this EVERY YEAR. This is not uncommon, this is not rare. They even list 3 more conferences like it on its ABOUT section that was linked on Dig's own article...

  • 2018 Clade X Exercise
  • 2001 Dark Winter
  • 2005 Atlantic Storm
  • The earliest in this list is in 2001, 2001 Dig. Also you bring up how there are players from both the USA and China which would make sense since this is John Hopkins we are talking about, there are plenty of multinationals there. All of the players are crisis response in their fields. Also since you wanted to mention the participants based on locality, there is also Lavan Thiru from Singapore but that is not mentioned in your article but was later infected, and the one person from China, Professor George F. Gao, the Director-General for the Chinese Center of Disease Control and Prevention who is a John Hopkins alumni. The rest are Americans that are also connected closely to the John Hopkins School of Medicine, several of the American players also schooled outside of the United States in places like Canada. But again this does not directly play into the narrative so it is omitted. So we can look at a planned engineered event that big players of the response crisis team are working for some Shadow Government. Or we have a multinational school holding an event that they hold every year with players that are Alumni, Friends, and colleagues of that school and dealt with common issues of the past 2 decades.

    "Literally everything stated in the video has later happened in the real world. But the single piece of evidence that seals the deal is the fact that they mentioned a novel coronavirus right at the start - instead of any one of the hundreds other possible infections. How could they have known, if this wasn't planned in advance? They said that this wasn't a prediction and that the simulation was based on SARS (also a coronavirus) - but again, why not any of the other possible infections? And why did they get everything else right? These vermin have engineered this so-called pandemic and now - by saying "it's a coincidence, lol" - are mocking us right into our faces." Link Link Link

    #Everything that happened in the video happened in the real world because this is what crisis planners always predict. Looking at the other 3 scenarios, they all have similar if not identical progress of events. The most recent was based on SARS, a form of Coronavirus, all three of the scenarios are based on a pandemic like event like Flu, a Bio Attack, or other Pathogen that carries Flu like spread. All of these can fall into your coincidence of SARS or similar pathogenic response. They typically do not use specific other infections but rather a theorized set of threats similar to them. This type of prediction spread though similar cannot be used as ammo for a conspiratorial idea of an engineered pandemic. If you believe that a SARS like scenario is super specific then allow me to let you know this is an issue discussed for more than a decade. Identification of a new human coronavirus, Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, Management of Suspected SARS, Coronavirus avian.

    This is not a new problem and hardly a unique occurrence, it is truly a coincidence. But again this does not fall in to the narrative of "This is happening now and not then, so this is planned, and those other instances were not, cause nothing happened then"

    "Li revealed the virus on the 30th of December. One month later, the WHO declared COVID-19 an international emergency: The Director-General declared that the outbreak of 2019-nCoV constitutes a PHEIC and accepted the Committee’s advice and issued this advice as Temporary Recommendations under the IHR.

    Up until that point, there were only 213 deaths from COVID-19 and none of them outside of China: On February 2, a death in the Philippines marked the first death occurring outside of China So, it was already a worldwide emergency despite all its deaths being limited to a single country. Can't make this up. On February 11, the amount of worldwide cases was 45134. Of course, that wasn't enough for the scaremongers so they started including clinically diagnosed cases, which means they used symptoms, instead of actual testing - adding 15152 cases in one day. That's much better for our super serious pandemic. However, even the stats from testing are fake since the tests are only 20% accurate: When the infection rate of the close contacts and the sensitivity and specificity of reported results were taken as the point estimates, the positive predictive value of the active screening was only 19.67%"

    Link Link Link Link

    In other words, the test is a total joke. And yet, everyone takes the statistics based on this crap as gospel. Of course, you could say it's just China, but since that's the place with the highest amount of cases, it still invalidates a significant percentage of the stats. Still, most countries seem to be using either the Chinese test or the WHO test from Germany. USA has famously developed their own test instead, which was terrible. So, we've shown that the infection stats are bullshit. How about the death rates?

    Link Link

    #So here the numbers section of the prompt. Now this gets tricky because new details are still coming out about the Covid-19 symptoms, infection rates, and specifics every day. We cannot count the eggs before they hatch, so they say. The WHO issued an international emergency well before deaths occur cause that is the nature of a pandemic. China has high rates of travel and a high rate/risk population. It does not take a Doctor at WHO to understand exponential growth if 1-2-4-8... and you open the gates to the world via airline it would only takes days before every country had the risk of infection, which as it turns out, it did only take days. So you also bring up testing, yes the testing is flawed. Covid-19 is unique in its own genome and we currently have no map for it. We have test kits that were used for SARS and similar strains but they cannot be assumed to have the same results. The issue to mainly with production and time management, Covid-19 while a Coronavirus and in the family of SARS, are different, but the symptoms all run similar. Acute respiratory response with other flu like symptoms, testing take hours, while symptomatic visual confirmation makes seconds. This can be done by a doctor or someone with no prior medical experience. But let us continue onward to the death rates. So yes there will be inflation of projected rates, but we will not know the final numbers until everything is well past done and over with and even those results will be conjecture.

    "There's two big problems here. First of all - the people who are going to be tested for COVID-19 are the ones who already have symptoms, which means they're more likely to have the virus and to die, shooting up both of those stats. See the testing policy for one of the US hospitals: He explained that the most eligible to receive testing for coronavirus are those who are already very sick with something such as pneumonia, or an individual who already requires use of a respirator.Link

    Or the Indian policy: India has only been testing those who have travelled from affected countries or come in contact with a confirmed case and shown symptoms after two weeks of quarantine. On Tuesday it added health care workers with symptoms who are treating patients with severe respiratory illnesses.Link

    Clearly, there is a heavy selection bias at play here. More importantly, the people who are dying are either old or suffer from other diseases. Check this out: On Tuesday, the number of fatalities in England increased by 14. NHS England said those who died were aged between 45 and 93 and all had underlying health conditions.Link

    So, 14 new cases, and not a single one can be confirmed to actually have died from corona. Yet, in the statistics, all the deaths will of course be attributed to the virus - despite the fact that heart disease or diabetes have no problem killing on their own, both being in the top 10 causes of death. For more confirmation, go through this site, and you'll see the vast majority of reported deaths are either old people or ones with underlying conditions. In fact, it seems that it's almost impossible to die without those pre-existing diseases:" Link Link

    #So here is the issue with this type of numbers game while the event is still happening, it makes it difficult to predict and even more so of get clear and concise results. With the testing being flawed but also not having enough test kits ... We are having problems drawing an accurate scale, so we do have to go off of the assumptions of symptomatic transmission scales. When it comes to mortality of those with preexisting conditions, if they are to test positive for the Covid-19 infection and were to die. That is added to the Covid-19 death rate due to them being infected, an infection compromises an infected immune system, the compromise is not mutually exclusive to either the preexisting condition and covid-19. This is just sloppy mathematics and statistical analysis on Digs part. Also Dig is slightly misleading charts also do not add the disclaimer "*Death Rate = (number of deaths / number of cases) = probability of dying if infected by the virus (%). The percentages do not have to add up to 100%, as they do NOT represent share of deaths by condition." adding to the bad math and projections. The WHO is aware that these results are not Mutually exclusive but Dig has left this out of his results.

    #In the following section Dig will be going into detail about how this Pandemic and resulting quarantine is going to lead to a global enslavement of its population by some shadow government, invisible hand, government power. The issue with this section for me at the proving of a negative. I certainly cannot say for absolute fact that Lizard people did not send a Chinese plant into the upper governments, where it sneezed on our doctor, had to kill him, take over his life where then in all on confusion actually get sick, and died. And now the lizard folks are out for revenge and are locking down every country. You cannot disprove that, therefore it must be true. BUT I can say People get sick, people get scared, people panic, and governments panic. The results will go on and on. But when everything is all over we will have the benefit of hindsight. I want make the point that when nothing happens and the societal market corrects itself in time that this cannot be an assumption of a failed takeover of the global population. But the natural result of psychological and sociological problems when panic ensues.

    "Let's look at what kinds of changes have happened in the world as a result of this fraudulent pandemic:

    Travel restrictions in many countries Link

    Shutting down of schools, churches and other places Link Link

    Panic buying leading to fights over toilet paper Link Link

    Increased digital surveillance in Israel, Iran, and many other countries Link Link Link

    Forced home quarantines, even with no evidence you're infected - complete with fines or beatdowns for resisting Link

    A massive, coordinated, worldwide crackdown on any non-official / alternative information Link

    Social distancing recommendations, including no handshakes and a ban on meetings with more than two people Link Link Link

    #Down the list we go. Travel restrictions happen often and are common place in flights of most countries, see Visa Denial most notably the "Security Fears" and "Health Concerns".

    Schools close often for Health concerns, like during SARS.

    Panic Buying happens during crisis predictably. This is actually one of my favorite subjects called Tragedy of the commons.

    Increased digital surveillance while a serious topic but this has been happening for quite some time and are only escalating due to the pandemic. We are both aware of the creeping escalation of digital surveillance.

    Dig, we both know Facebook does and has add ongoing issue with content removal.Facebook standards Facebook Policing FAQ

    And in regards to social distances, this is just a catchy buzzword for whats called Proxemics, something studied by sociologists for years. This helps curve the high rates of contact and infection whether it be Covid-19, the Flu, smallpox, and the like.

    "Now, let's do a thought experiment. Imagine there's no coronavirus - what would you call all of the above, then? For me, the most fitting term is slavery. After all, what is there to do? You can't leave the country, town or for many people - even the house; can't go to a sports event, can't talk to or even be near people, can't cut your hair or blow your money in a casino since all that stuff is closed. Independent info is gone (at least from the biggest platforms) and we're bombarded with propaganda every waking second. People are being prevented from touching their faces, or using cash. Denmark is even implementing a forced vaccine law: Denmark's parliament on Thursday night unanimously passed an emergency coronavirus law which gives health authorities powers to force testing, treatment and quarantine with the backing of the police. It is time to put aside party politics and be together to do what it takes to bring Denmark safely through this situation." Link Link

    #If we are on the issue of thought experiments, what if hypothetically there was a virus. And we did not know to what extent the virus CAN cause harm but we have evidence that shows that it CAN cause harm in great numbers, and we have evidence that practicing good proxemics and hygiene could prevent that harm. And since this is all hypothetical lets address the Tragedy of the Commons and the socioeconomic panic that causes. And lets give ourselves a completely globalized society where enforcement of proxemics while recommended cannot be truly enforced without government intervention because again the Tragedy of the Commons. What would a collection of free individuals whom all have their own thoughts and opinions attempt to do. WELL as seen from your previous paragraph on the Pandemic Game, exactly what we are seeing now. Almost like these types of events have been studied, tested, predicted, and written about in the past. Also forced vaccinations have been used by governments for a long long time, while scary, it is directly to the benefit of the greater good. Just use Smallpox as an example.

    #And further down in this section Dig goes into a further conspiratorial rabbit hole. But again I would remind all readers the we will have the benefit of hindsight. People will return to their lives no more worse for ware that any other Pandemic type emergency, national tragedy, war, or the like. I think Dig does no give the social grace to every day people to recognize or address common issues that we have seen before, read about before, and experienced before. Occam's Razor is the best answer to most of these issues. The events happening are not to the extremes you are addressing. While conspiracy can be comforting to many, to create order from all the chaos. But Science say that things just do not happen that way.