2020-05-20 I am writing a book I will be uploading here for free. It is going to be a revised edition to many of the Red Team Attack textbooks and the like. I have been working on things similar to the work I have already published but I feel this will be a good opportunity to refine and adapt my previous writing to a more workable and easily distributed collection.

2020-05-04 I am now thinking about rewriting some of the older articles now do revitalize them. Some of the older ones like How To Disappear and the like. With my job now beginning to be more stressful than I desire its slowly starting to get under my skin. But all in all beggars cannot be choosers. Had an all-nighter followed by a 0500 meeting which sucked hard. Have been putting serious thought into working some other jobs while my current cools off with the Covid-19, in the down time I will be returning back to writing and maintaining the writings here.

2020-04-24 Going through several articles today for quality of life updates. I still need to refine them down a bit more and make the articles less repetitive. Took a break from work due to Covid-19 and the work being not in my preferred working areas, it is a bit cloudy today so I took a breather and relaxed outside for a few hours. During that time I was thinking about moving away from BSD as I have found while the learning about the system fun, I also found for many cases the process tedious and a bit time consuming so I may move back to Debian just for the sake of simplicity and ease. Though I would like to say exploring alternative operating systems is meant to be fun but a personal journey, don't get too sucked in to the politics. Sometimes what is best for you is not best for everyone.

2020-04-22 Tried and testing more Unix like systems. After having a bit of a debate about the spirit of Unix and Systemd, my stance on which I have written about, I have come to terms that in order to give most Unix like systems a completely fair and unbiased look. I have I decided to live in several in the upcoming months. I tested Slackware 14.2 Stable and had some issue and bugs such at networking issues and screen resolution issues that are actually common issues in the Slackware community. I wanted to give it a fair try and thought maybe the install was not great or I did something to break the install. So I went about re-installing and again the same issues occurred. Now this is not an attack on the Slackware system or the community, the issues I faced were all addressable and reasonable to fix, but they would have to be fixed on every install, which to me is not in my interest to do so. So I began researching the Unix philosophy more so and found the only reasonable way to give Unix a try is to not use a Unix-like system but a actual Unix system, so I went to Open-BSD. The install was easy, Open-BSD is stable, and no experience bugs in the last day or so. I will be living in Open-BSD for some time until I find it unusable or it no longer meets my personal computing needs. Also I would like to make a quick jab at the Linux Kernel, since Systemd gets a lot of flack for being bloated and having feature creep, how is it the Open-BSD kernel can have 2.9 million Lines of Code while the Linux Kernel 33 million Lines of Code. Systemd current at the time of this writing has 1273896 Lines of Code. I may have to come back to this issue at a later time.

2020-03-27 Got relocated for my last shift. So I am unsure how to maintain a good internet connection. I was thinking tonight about the original Cypherpunk movement and its later generational spin-offs from the 90s and 2000s. I began to miss the idea of the guerrilla sequencing. The people were so ready to distrust the government, the banks, every system of power were under suspect. An then, as fast as it came, we forgot. It was a fleeting idea like smoke in wind. Maybe after this whole crisis is over and we collect ourselves, we will address the systematic issue that face our dying system that is American Capitalism.

2020-03-24 After going over some finance I am beginning to believe that the future is bright for the generation to follow ours. After everything is said and done, when the crisis has hit its peak and begins to fade, the children after us will live in a time of wealth and sustainable goods. With pollution at an all time low and those who once profited from the blight and cancer that is globalization falling. We may see a time where green energy, local owned and sustained goods will become more prevalent. Social distancing is on the public minds and has become a buzzword in the culture, I am sure we will teach our children what was it and how it was to live this way. They are calling it "This generations 9/11" and I can certainly see the similarities. The fear and hardship, the unknown, the economic collapse and failure of The American Way. Though we will survive this certainly, I do not see this leaving the memory any time soon. People are making a panic, the politicians are making a panic, the world though always chaotic is becoming more unraveled and this is only a good thing. This is a good thing because in due time we will have the benefit and clarity of hindsight. We will say things like "This could have been stopped easily with XYZ" or "This is how we can make things safer with XYZ" our children will reap the gains of our losses. The market adjusts, the social stigmas get dropped, and people see the progress by the tracks we leave behind.

2020-03-19 I was reading the news about the virus and the movements it has had on the world. I have also found that there are a few who choose to believe this is some kind of engineered plague to control the populous. This in my opinion is silly. The evidence does not back this claim up and is upsetting to see the anecdotal evidence that is presented. My largest argument that I tend to bring up when a claim such as this is brought up, is "Why?" and in this case the "Why? Because of control" does not make sense. For example is the EU and USA we have been overly back and forth on what 'We' as a nation should do. If I was in a position to maintain control, to be in control, and had a way to do so. I would be vamping up fear, which in most outlets most of the fear is derived from social media and the public. Is Covid-19 serious, yes. But is it a plague, no. If a group or government or bad actor with the power and resources engineered this to maintain control, they are doing a poor job, I am still working, the military has not been called, there are not riots or distrust of the 'Other'. People are concerned as they should be and my largest fear is not what Big Brother or what not is doing, It is what they are not doing. They are not making quick, decisive, effective movements like those who would want lockdown would do. They are not overtly fear mongering the 'Other' making us distrust potential inferiors or defectors like a regime would. They have not taken away tools of resistance or revolt like guns. If they engineered a plague or used the infection to gain some control, they need to workshop this plan a bit more and take some hints from RTS Games and Simulators to maintain order. If I can drive home and see people jogging in the morning, and people out of work, the economy tanking, and people concerned not by there neighbors but by the government. This is not a good control method. To maintain power you have to engineer problems like Economic downturn and Government distrust outside the social norms (Which always happens in times of crisis) and be a divisive solution to those problems, which the world leaders have not done. This claim is doubtful if not down right absurd. I will be making a more detailed response in the upcoming days.

2020-03-17 Due to the recent pandemic and being where I am, I went off grid for a few days to prep my BUG-Out site. Spent about 3 days out and had time to myself. Due to the focus being more on resources and protection I have not spent much time writing. I did however get news that trucking shipments will be suspended which gives most places about 2 weeks of supply, whether it be Food or Gas, most places will be closed in about 2 weeks. They are also in the talks about closing roads only for emergency personnel and high demand occupations like doctors or nurses, military, etc. So I will be at home for some time and then moving off grid when the wind turns. I will be maintaining my journal for that time however. Where I live is very rural. I may not be able to be online without satellite, but for those in the States and are potentially facing civil unrest. Prepare now, have a place to stay, and have 2 weeks of food. Be safe.

2020-03-10 Added ProjectMelody.txt and my comments on the waifu wars of chaturbate. I found this topic both fun to research but infuriating to read the comments on. If you feel threatened by a VR Model perhaps you need to focus up on your personality since that's all Melody is, a rendered model on a personality.

2020-03-05 Added a PDF html section to free up some space on the primary index. I am going to make an attempt to keep the txt files on the index page to allow an easier reading experience without having to dive too deep into rabbit holes.

2020-03-03 Added some more pdfs to the roster, added a social engineering section. I should do more writing on the subject that may come up soon. Also got to see my site added to a lainchan sec thread which makes me get the warm and fuzzies. Good weekend.

2020-02-22 Feeling generally lethargic recently. I want to focus on my writing but am finding it difficult to keep up with. I currently have about 6 unfinished projects and 4 unfinished books I need to read. I want to be more social but find the whole experience strenuous and exhausting. I think I need to rekindle my passion by writing more simply and not to focus too much of my energy on making things perfect.

2020-02-21 Going back through some PDFs I have downloaded at one time or another, I am having to upload and delete some things here which should all be in the OTHER FILES section for those who would like to read them. I am also going to start on some Kali tutorials in regards to basic Wifi Hacking and the like to start and slowly slip into more details about the tools released with the 2020 Kali Linux.

2020-02-18 I have roughly about 100 ideas of things I need to write about, transcribe, or upload. I am going to make an attempted to run back though some of the articles and update them as needed in the near future but for now I am going to focus on new content. I will have to make a more valiant effort to make the Index.html more clear and easy to understand.