2021/06/08 Serial Cult

Serial Cult

The deep web or dark net is an interesting place. It is home to most of the rubbish Google and the like will never index. Whether is be due to the bot.txt or using privatized URL sets like .onion and the like. The tor network, the network used for these URLs and unindexed sites are also commonly used by both the CIA and DNPS.

The deep web is also is home to some who follow the macabre, occult, and social pariahs. This is one case I have came across in my time. 5 young women, in their late teens to early 20s, hosting a site to collaborate and enjoy their particular and peculiar hobby, serial killers. These 5 young women would join together once per month online when the site allows their login credentials to become usable. These credentials are sent to them via email, the email provider being unlisted and accessed through the deep web as well, used once, then become unusable.

Our young serial enthusiasts then share information about killing, share possible victims that have caused them pain either by bullying or even cutting them off in traffic. Though I and the caller could not verify their exact locations I can say within realm of speculation for the upcoming events I will tell, they were within a day drive of each other. While communicating their depraved and twisted delusions eventually, the caller says through a confidence that unnerved even myself, they began to grow bored of the talking and decided to take action, a shared killing to allow them to live out their darkest fantasies, all recorded and shared to the site. Though names were never given to me, much to my pressing, I shall name these young women… Ashley, Brittany, Caitlin, Diane, and Elizabeth, I will continue for the sake of brevity as A,B,C,D,and E, respectively.

The idea is first proposed by B, a call to take action. B is a girl in high-school age, perhaps in her 2nd or 3rd year, Caucasian, brunette hair, and brown eyes. Described to me as pretty if not for her cleft lip. Bullied for her looks has driven this girl to be the most aggressive in her stance on the shared killing.

“I’m so sick of the bitches, I’m tired of talking about all this, its time that we do something, I want to kill someone, I want to make someone hurt. I’m tired of just hurting myself. We need to kill someone. We can do it, we talked about it long enough to know what to do!”

Though few in the group agreed,C and D seemed enamored by the idea. C being the oldest of the 5, in her early 20s, a receptionist dealing with constant sexual advances by her coworkers, in particularly her boss. Blonde, Caucasian, and well endowed, but also sheepish and well studied. Not wanting to cause waves at her workplace puts up with the harassment.

“I agree, I think its about time men learned their lesson, no means no! And if it takes me cutting their peckers off, then so be it.”

Information on D is unknown but is mostly due to the callers reluctance to give me further information. In my attempts to find more information, I have come up with the following… She is in her late teens, possibly college age due her manner of speaking and shared experiences on the forum.

“The idea of killing someone is fun to ponder and game about. We do need to make a statement though, something big, stylish. Make people afraid that there is something that goes bump in the night again. And honestly is anyone ever going to be able to pin it on us? We are completely anonymous, we don’t know each other, and we don’t know where each other lives. It honestly would be the perfect crime.”

These were the sentiments of those girls. However not entirely removed from the idea though the voice of reason is E. Making her opinion known without dismissing the idea. E is around the same age as B and same with year. Reddish-brown hair, eyes gray, tan skin. She seemed to me as smart and thoughtful. No evidence of motive though seemingly the most informed of the function of killing, history of serial killers, and the operations of how they were caught. E gave the group the most reasonable of plans.

“I don’t think this is a good idea guys. They’re are too many variables, we need to keep things simple. If we are going to do this we need to meet at a place where none of us live, find a victim none of us know, and make it seem like the murder was random. That would be the only way… Also we need to wear masks, to make sure none of us can be seen so in case one of us get caught, their would be no way to link it back of the others.”

Also much discussing and planning, A remained silent. Though through my digging an reading, this was a common occurrence. Though when something went wrong or needed to be fixed on the forum, A often was the one who was the most vocal and did most if not all of the maintenance on the site itself. I can only conclude from this she is also the primary designer of the site and it’s security. After the posts came to a trickle the girls waited for a response from A.

“Well smarty pants is done with her planning and ideas. I think we have a plan. We all meet in the woods at [EXPUNGED] which is all far enough away from our homes. We will meet at the next forum date at the same time as the email confirmation. We will all wear masks, now we just need a victim. Someone we don’t know.”

A’s only response was “No problem, I will take care of it.”

“Ah, A speaks, fixing everything as always.”

“Yeah, thanks A, I’m so excited!”

"Make sure it is someone you don’t know!”

What transpires on from here after I can describe briefly as both horrid and tragic. And at this point the caller on the, from what I could hear, audibly changed in temperament from calm recollection to more active and I can say so my despair, whimsical.

From their words to my now intimidated mind…

The girls met, one must have had cold feet and never shown. They had their flashlights and weapons they wanted to use. Rope, knives, cauterizing wand, and the like. They all wondered when A would show with their victim, if at all and began to both slowly become more excited and frustrated with time. Soon after the phones chime and the email was received. And A finally shows herself, victims presented.

At this point in our conversation the caller’s voice shook and I began to hear various background noises on the phone, ranging from thumping against the receiver to the sound of footsteps radiating into the phone. My caller was on the move. I asked her if she knew anything about the murders and if she reported anything to the police her response, unnerving. She left me some chilling final words. “They won’t be found.”… and promptly hung up.

I returned the receiver back to it’s home on my desk, I looked at my notes on the call and began researching further…

At the designated time and at the designated destination 3 of the 5 girls shown up, each sporting different masks. From the caller’s description and the evidence discovered by [EXPUNGED] was a gray ski mask, size small. A white bandanna, bloodied, type A-, ID unknown. And a Halloween styled Hillary Clinton mask, blood located on the interior and exterior, type A- on exterior, matching that of the bandanna and type O+ on the interior, ID unknown.

Though no bodies were found by future investigators and in my research I could not ascertain an exact location I can presume the bodies were moved anywhere between 50-100 miles from the investigated location, the caller however did assure me that no bodies would ever be found. Upon the girls meeting up looking for a victim a 4th was also in those woods, waiting, already finding 3 victims, 3 girls whom they did not know and all living far enough away from each other that investigation would be stymied. The perfect crime. Though I have made attempts to find the forum, I can only assume it has been taken down by it’s creator, completed in adding her new tally’s to an ever growing list of victims. And this another file in an overgrowing collection of mysteries.