2021/06/08 Projekt Melody

Projekt Melody

The Waifu Wars are no longer for subcultures in the Hentai and Manga groups as Projekt Melody has become the top streamer on Twitch for Womens Day and a constant feature now on the adult streaming site, Chaturbate. For those who are unaware, Projekt Melody is a Anime stylized Virtual Girl, much to the likes of Hatsune Miku but targeted to mature audiences. She is an adult streamer in a MOCAP suit and using the Unity Engine as a 3D rendered overlay for allow for dynamic movement and unique templates for costumes and nudity.

Projekt Melody is a interesting turning point for the future of Waifus, which was mainly targeted to the Anime and Manga fans. Which at one time was a weird conversational piece is now making those never introduced to the culture seethe and writhe due to arguably the typical streamers target demographic, potentially marginalized young men and those who's specific interest in the anime/manga subcultures or are just interested in the technology it takes to make such a feat become reality. I personally think this is a marvel and am surprised an adult focused VR Streamer has not become more prevalent earlier, but this could be just a case of right place right time.

But onward to the controversy and let the seething begin, 3D Hentai Camgirl Projekt Melody, the Adult Streamer or Cam-girl Lennox May is going to come up often in these articles as she seems to be one of the first to speak out against Projekt Melody. Lennox May, to question whether Projekt Melody even belongs on sites like Chaturbate "There is a huge gap in vulnerability, and what that means emotionally for [human] models versus Melody is also quite vast, a model has to keep up appearances when they have trolls in their room, or when put in an awkward situation with a customer who is being rude or asking for things that we do not feel comfortable doing. " Well to comment on this she is addressing issues that being an adult streamer has but also what things like Projekt Melody solves. Projekt Melody is protected by the veil of her persona, this also allow the actress who plays Melody to be more honest and genuine while streaming. This project could potentially be used for those who do not feel comfortable with their bodies but feel good enough in their self worth to try something along the lines of being a VR Camgirl, this could open up more doors into the adult entertainment industry and allow the protections of the media veil to allow more freedom in the medium.

And on the note of female empowerment, many of the criticisms of Projekt Melody is that she is not a "Real Woman"

These articles bring up the issue that Melody is not real. While I would disagree, the effort and time that real people put into the persona, the voice, the modeling, and the deep knowledge of pop culture all come from real people. Melody's puppeteers would also disagree as they treat Melody the character as a real person in order to give her depth and personality that will appeal to her target demographic. While it is fine for the flesh and blood to feel threatened due to the figurative limits of Melody being so much more beyond the physical limits of every day cam-girls. They should not see this a potential loss but a screening mechanic to filter those looking to a deeper emotional attachment to a female character than what a normal streamer can possess. Melody can private chat millions, always be online, and respond to each individual in real time to make the audience feel more attached, things that a typical cam-girl cannot possibly accomplish and may not feel want to due to the emotionally draining business that is streaming and keeping up appearances, similar to the criticism that Projekt Melody is receiving.

As a parting note to those who are just being introduced, embrace the waifu for laifu. This is the future we knew was going to come, as for every new technology there is a group that tries to kill each other with it or tries to use it for a sex thing, and the Waifu Wars I am sure will be both.