2021/06/08 Anarchism Schools Of Thought

Anarchism Schools Of Thought

This is going to be a quick breakdown for the far-left ideology of Anarchism and its branches. But first a quick definition of Anarchism, though many will have their own unique versions of this, Anarchism is typically defined as the political philosophy which holds a ruling power, government, class and/or the state to be undesirable, unnecessary and overall harmful to the individual or people the ruling structure is over. Anarchism typically positions itself as opposing authority and hierarchical organizations. A further breakdown word Anarchism, finds its roots from the Greek anarkhia, meaning without a ruler. While proponents of Anarchism all agree with this initial statement, Anarchist schools of thought can differ greatly, and are often in conflict over fundamentals or goals so to create order form this chaos, they are divided into differing schools of thought.

The Classical Schools

Post Classical Anarchist Schools

Contemporary Anarchist Schools

To further posit on Anarchism and its schools of thought, there are also many Anarchist collective groups that serve as a catalyst to group anarchists together to share their thoughts and ideals, as well as participate in collective movements. While they can fall into several or all of the schools of thought, so not to be classified in this regard, can be categorized in the type of collective. But I will not be doing so in this post. While I do support the anarchist philosophy, I do not support most of the schools of thought as a functional ideology to live ones life. I will be discussing more on the topic on my particular school of thought later on, Green Anarchism