2021/06/08 How To Disappear

How To Disappear

I make this section to reference a dream that a few people have and even fewer commit to. I have written this over the past year. I have updated and tweaked it on more than once occasion, leading to a final product that am also going to commit to. I would like those reading to keep in mind that this is Illegal in most countries and this includes the United States due to a process of investigation and resulting in a miss-classification of death called Death in Absentia. Though everyone may have a unique reason to wanting to disappear, it is best to keep it all your own.

Preparation Is Everything

Disappearing takes time. Every great event takes great planning. Prepare, keep a journal or something more secure. Make financial planning precaution, course routes, unforeseen events, and lodging plans. The more time you put into your plan, the better your chances on maintaining and surviving. This plan should be precise, neat, organized, and put to action at a moments notice. You want to start with the Basics. Why, Where, and When.

Using this Why, Where, When format will be a guideline for the following sections and should be be advised that these sections will be increasing more difficult depending on your own personal scope. For example if you are already in trouble with The Law, then this would be exponentially more difficult than those who kept their noses down. Having a clean record prior to the vanishing ensures you do not have a history of risk taking behavior and makes it more difficult for you to evade the public.


You need to slowly start cutting ties to your old life. This means seeing friends and family less and less over time. If done over the course of a year you should be able to act with no potential of your family worrying after a few days of no contact. 48 hours is the baseline for time to give meaningful escape. This means you need to be able to leave and no one ask questions on you whereabouts for about 2 Days.

Be prepared To Lie

Making excuses and extensive plans that involve being alone for long periods of time. This is absolutely necessary. You are going to lie a lot in order to maintain the facade. Best to recite common lies and stories in the mirror as a ritual. Like an actor until the lie becomes your reality. Make a habit of doing things out of regularity or take up a reclusive hobby. This gains you some traction on being alone for long periods of time so when you decide to leave many will think you are off alone as per usual.


Cash will be your new method of payment. Canceling your bank account or withholding funds in a cash safe is a good start. You want enough money saved to survive for 90 days without employment. Food, Travel, Shelter, and Supplies are all basic needs. Plan for variables. Withdraw your fund slowly over a month or several to not raise suspicion. As mentioned earlier, do not tell anyone about the money, be prepared to lie. The earlier you start this process the better. Remember the police will be looking at all records. The more things that look normal the less leads the police will have for what happened. Having no money to your name makes the disappearing process much more challenging. So save as much as you can as early as you can.


Delete all your online accounts. You can use the previous sections to complete this. Use doxing methods to find all information you can and attempt to remove it. Remember that many services have databases of your past information that can be obtained by authorities. To keep this simple, while deleting old services start using VPNs and Tor, using GNU/Linux, and practice smart browsing methods. This will prevent new records from popping up and gets you into the habit of being secure online. I would also mention that start small and work your way to the larger accounts like Facebook. Deleting the big social media accounts is sure to raise suspicion. Being offline is going to be hard for some but its good to start practicing being without Internet or contact for several days at a time. Once again be prepared to make excuse for why you are going offline and deleting your online accounts. Make sure you never use these account or websites again after deletion.


Be prepared to quit your job or cash in your Sick/Vacation time. Save all Sick and Vacation time until 24 hours before you act. This gets rid of the work issue. If you plan on quitting, put in your two-weeks and work them. There should be no reason for anyone to worry about where you are. You can make mention of a needed vacation out of town or a need to change employment months before you disappear, this will allow others to make excuses for you about your absence.


Check your rent or lease. Plan around either paying your rent in advance by 3 months via direct withdraw or cash. Plan all your bills this way, or cancel them and leave your home. You will want to do this well ahead of time to get them used to you paying several months at a time. If you have neighbors who like to ask questions or be nosy, tell them about a vacation plan months in advance just like the employer. Tie up any and all loose ends you can think of to give yourself more time to travel and escape before the search is on. If you have pets ask for a friend or family member to take care of them, you cannot bring them with you.


Get every school ID, drivers license, birth certificate, social security card, and bank statement. Collect anything with your name and picture, keep it in one place. There are several things to do once everything is collected. GET RID OF THEM OR TAKE THEM WITH YOU. Just do not leave them behind. You want to leave little as possible when you disappear. I would keep a small lock-box will all possible items and take it with you.

Getting a new identity is easier than you may think. First step the the identity you can assume, most towns have archives of obituaries, this is going t be a bit morbid but you need to be scanning these for anyone you think you can pass for as a potential body double, Height and Weight can be off only slightly but Race, Eye, and Hair need to be consistent. When a match dies, call the county immediately requesting the public file of the deceased party, this should provide you enough information to go to another county (Counties rarely if ever talk to one another regarding deaths) in your State and request an ID to be made. How we get your SSN is to perform a mail request and send the Social Security Administration with a photocopy of the new ID you just made. After about 14 days pending processing, you should have yourself a new identity.


Avoid pictures. This gives a profile to look for you. A current picture can do wonders for those looking for you. People are good with faces. If you have a picture out there of you then people will notice. Family members may start going door to door and store to store carrying a recent photo of you from the life you are trying to flee. Make attempts to change your look as best as possible.


Get rid of your phone plan. Cancel all services and plans. If you need a phone, pick up a burner phone and a cheap prepaid plan. Pay in cash. Keep the phone that you use cheap and only use a data plan if you have to.


Sell it. Get a cash value on it. Scrap it if you can not sell it. Buy a used car with the cash. Find something in a neutral color, a few years old. Try finding a used or decommissioned fleet vehicle from a contractor or rental company. Get everything you need to fix your car in the trunk. Tools, Spare Tire, and even a spare battery. This should allow you to travel without concern of your car breaking down. Before leaving you should have your gas tank full. This should provide at least 400 miles of travel. You can also carry a spare gas tank along with your other tools.

Travel Bag

This will be your Go-Bag. Make certain you get one with the following qualities.

I would check out common Every Day Carry Survival Bags to get yourself started. I have also make a list of all items common in over 50 percent of all EDC bags by use case.


Go to a cheap clothing store and buy several outfits. Old suits and things that blend in to your natural environment. Pick neutral color clothes. Dye your hair, something natural. Wear a hat, something with a brim that can cover your face if you look down.


The further, the safer. Whether you flee the country or hide, you must go somewhere people will not expect. If you talk about vacations to Florida go to Idaho.


After you reach you destination or at least the half way point you can ditch the car and start making use of other modes of travel. When discarding your other vehicle you can only assume that by the time you are half way to where you are going that those looking for you now know your new mode of travel is. Try to keep this in mind when traveling further. When looking for a new form of travel, anything that does not require an ID is a good start. By foot or by bicycle is your best option. Public transportation, just remember a lot of these are under constant video surveillance. Most states also do not require an ID or Drivers Permit to drive a low CC moped or ATV. Make attempts to avoid main roads and public areas from this point on.

The New You

Avoid Contact

Remember to never contact anyone of anything from your old life. This includes all forms of communication. Stay off the grid when it comes to personal communication. Find new hobbies, new interests, new skills you never knew you had.

Stay Moving

Be okay with moving every year or two. This makes it more difficult for you to be tracked in known. The more you move the safer you are.


The more you repeat this list and continue to cultivate this behavior the safer you will be over all. This give you a sense of detachment. Be okay with this.