2021/06/08 Home Security

Home Security

A lock is only as good as the key and home security is not just about locking your doors. Criminality and the Red Team perspective as previously listed is meticulous and thorough. You typically can be content with the idea your neighborhood is safe. Neighborhood watch and community tend to deter criminals. But making the assumption that you are being targeted by an active Red Team, you need to consider what you can do to protect yourself while also maintaining a low profile as to not draw attention to your household by the law or the home owners association, and strike a balance between privacy, security and aesthetic. Before you can know how to secure your home you will have to recreate the Risk Management section again but with a few new considerations you are going to need to ask yourself to better understand all of your needs.

Home Security Conditions


Professional criminals strike during the day and not at night, these are the criminals who want to get away clean, in and out, typically while you are away at work. These criminals will spend weeks to months scouting out an area. They will take jogs around an area, maybe drive there car to a public parkway. They will operate in middle class to upper class areas. They will try to blend in to the area they are scouting, look the part of a sale representative or other solicitors. They look make schedules of who may be home and when, like for instance if your car is parked outside your garage and what type of car you drive. But it is not always physical observation, they also do digital surveillance. They will monitor Facebook and other social media, use Google Maps, watch check ins, monitor Bluetooth signals, hack your wireless and monitor the network traffic, or simply try to pick up the same frequency as your handheld phone, or a baby monitor.

They appear friendly, like just another neighbor, and even will talk to your kids, and the people around your neighborhood. They can even be working for a legitimate business around your area. Construction, lawn care, mail-men, or any sort of service that allows them to move undetected or ignored. The entire point is they appear to not be doing anything out of the ordinary. So that means you need to take the proper precautions, have your security in layers, and learn how to minimize your losses as you cannot fully prevent loss. Collateral damage.

How Red-Team Targets

Criminals tend to look for several key factors before they mark a house to be hit. These are not all universal, but more often than not, the following it the typically factors that make you a target.

Blue-Team Securing Points Of Entry

This chapter is dedicated to explaining what you can possibly do to your doors, windows and garage. These three areas are the most common and should be the only real possible points of entry to your home. Everything here should be taken into consideration before being applied to anything.

Laws and neighborhood associations aside, having a fortress of freedom in the middle of suburbia may increase yours odd to be investigated or robbed than lessen them. Always think and assess before doing any of the suggestions below. Not all doors or windows will need the same level of security as the others, whereas some will need something much more drastic.

Bars in the middle of a suburb will look out of place and give people a reason to question you and your motives. This does not mean you can not outfit some frames and pre-installed brackets and sockets, just in case.

Be aware you will run into some suggestions for windows, doors or the garage already suggested on another list within this chapter.